We'll Harvest this Field from Sunrise to Sunset!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Trial Week

Aloha. Mi llamo Elder Thomas.

Monday was BUSY. We gave up a little preparation day time to help a
family move in. We then finished laundry, shopping, and emails in time
to have about an hour and a half of games at the church. That night we
had another lesson with Aaron Clark, and it went even better than we
thought it would. Everyone, Aaron really needs your prayers right now.
He has had some experiences that seem to have softened his heart a
little and any help would be awesome. The lesson was amazing and we
were able to really connect with him and answer his questions. Pray

Tuesday was also extremely busy, but we had an amazing lesson with our
investigator Kathy Segmiller. She absolutely loves having us over and
asked if she could adopt us (don't worry momma, I said she had to ask
you first haha). She picked our mind on the churches opinion on a
bunch of things and sought some comfort regarding some personal and
family challenges she was having. It was an amazing lesson because we
were able to use the scriptures, stories, personal experiences and
other things to teach. The spirit was SO helpful the whole time and was
just helping us left and right. Another great lesson. Also during the
course of the day we got caught in a torrential downpour that only
lasted for about 5 minutes, but COMPLETELY soaked us so we had to run
home and change real fast because it looked like we had just taken a
shower fully clothed haha.

Wednesday morning we had Zone Conference in Billings so we woke up a
little early, grabbed some McDonald's breakfast (best breakfast ever,
except for yours mom) and went to Zone Conference. Zone Conference was
AMAZING. Any opportunity to hear from President Wadsworth is a good
opportunity. I love how obedient my mission president and his wife
are. They don't bend rules, they don't cut corners, and yet they still
manage to be some of the funniest and funnest people I know. After
Zone Conference we got to go help some other missionaries with some
service, and let me tell ya, moving people is pretty hard! Sometimes
the stuff is just way too heavy and you just gotta pray that you won't
drop it because you know they will hate Mormons and never talk to
missionaries again! That probably wouldn't actually happen, but it
feels like it would. Anyways, that night we did a lot of tracting and
contacting, and though we talked to a lot of kind people, no one was

Thursday was weekly planning! Yay! We have been trying really hard to
act enthusiastic and excited about weekly planning, even if we are
faking it haha. We just act all excited and it's the cheesiest thing,
but it works and it helps us get through it! Thursday evening we did a
bunch of tracting and contacting. It was one of those nights that
tries your faith but you just keep going anyways!

The next evening we tried a bunch of people and no one was home again!
Summer is awesome and all, but I am pretty tired of everyone taking
week long vacations! What on earth, don't they know the world revolves
around me?? We had a youth with us that night and he was pretty shook
by about halfway through the night after we had been cussed at and
yelled at a few times, but right at the end of the night we met some
very kind people who were willing to talk for a little about Christ
for a little bit. Though they were not interested it was still such a
relief. After we left the last door he turned to and said with a
smile, "that makes it all worth it, doesn't it?" I would have to agree
with him.

On Saturday we went to help some other Elders in the ward do some
service for a member in their ward. We put up some fences real fast
and then ran off to Sister Beadlings to help her with some things.
Sister Beadling has some old paint that needs to be scraped off her
house and she gave us two tiny scrapers for this huge house... haha we
barely made a dent. We were outside from the morning till the late
afternoon, and it was HOT. We went to dinner feeling pretty beat.
After dinner we hit the streets again and tried contacting a bunch of
people that appear to never be home. After another disappointing day
of trying to find more investigators and keep the ones we have already
found, we headed back to our truck when we saw a young woman out with
her dog. We did the usual and asked if we could pet the dog haha. As
we pet her dog she told us that she has a good friend that is Mormon,
and being desperate to see some fruit of our labors we blurted out
that she should go to church with her tomorrow! Her friend wasn't in
our ward, but sure enough, we saw her on our way out the door the next
day! So that made us pretty happy. Hoping and praying her parents will
let us teach them.

Sunday was ROUGH. I was already beat from the sun exposure the day
before AND I needed to fast that day. I stumbled through the day
(literally) and somehow made it all the way to dinner and we still got
work done.

This week was a little harder than some others but I know we did our
best and we will be blessed for that. I hope and pray that this coming
week will yield some more fruit for us to harvest and we'll be able to
see someone grow. Thank you for the prayers and the love!

One more thing I want to mention before I close this letter. Families
can be together forever. Our families often know when we need a little
help and a little love, even without our saying it.  This week as we
headed out for an early morning meeting, we almost tripped over a bag
of goodies on our doorstep. This was weird and we suspected some
members or some of our neighbors until we saw a little letter
addressed to Elder Neal Thomas... then we were REALLY confused! I
opened it up and found pictures of my two sisters, Colleen and
Diana!!! What little stinkers haha. On their way to Bismarck North
Dakota they had stayed in Billings, looked up my address, took
pictures of their journey to my apartment and WITH MY APARTMENT
NUMBER, got the photo's developed, bought me food and left it all on
my porch! It was just what I needed Wednesday morning. :) I love my


Elder Thomas

Monday, June 19, 2017


Hi Peeps,

On Monday, a member and his two non member friends joined us for
basketball and pod ball, and it was awesome! I love moments like this,
when people put aside beliefs and biases and just laugh and have fun
together! That night we went and had a pretty good lesson with Aaron,
but the lesson was cut short when we got DUMPED on and started seeing
lightning left and right. It was wild. We wrapped up the night with an
awesome Facebook post from Elder Chamberlain and some contacting on

Tuesday was CRAZY. In the morning, we got to have interviews with
President Wadsworth himself! This amazing man has blessed my life, and
continues to bless my life every time I have the privilege of
interacting with him. When Elder Dyches was here, he revered President
Wadsworth by saying that he is "the best of the best." And I stand by
him on that statement.

After interviews, we went to lunch with the Pioneer Park elders and I
got a puny little salad at Wendy's because I'm trying to be all
healthy... It was rough. I don't think vegetarian is for me haha.
After lunch we exchanged companions, and Elder Chamberlain went with
Elder Epperson to Pioneer Park, and my good friend Elder Lester came
with me to Blue Creek! We had the very best Companionship Study ever,
with awkward roleplays and everything, then we went out and did some
contacting. Dinner was much needed that night after only eating a pile
of leaves and the amazing Nethercott family saved my starving self! We
were able to contact our investigator named Pete, and though he had
company over, he managed to once again prove he is the kindest man
alive by emphatically telling us how much he loved our ties and asking
us to come back soon! I want to be kind like him someday.

Wednesday morning we switched back to our regular companions at
District Meeting and Elder Lankford led us in another incredible and
revelatory journey through the gospel. He is such a great District
Leader, and have I mentioned that he is serving in one of my former
area's?? He is in Red Lodge and Absarokee so we have had a lot of fun
just talking about people we both know. My exchange with Elder Lester
was awesome, but it is always good to be back with your regular

Thursday was full of little gems. After doing some weekly planning in
the morning and early afternoon, we headed back home to grab some
things before going to find some people and we walked up on our
upstairs neighbors, Josh, Elizabeth and their friend, trying to move a
bed into their apartment. We offered our help and the two women very
gratefully accepted haha. We were able to move the rest of the bed
upstairs for them and had a fun conversation with Josh. We have begun
to grow so close to our neighbors and we are praying that we will have
the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

We then left the apartment and went out to follow the spirit. It lead
us to a nearby street and soon we saw a man walking his dog, so I
asked if I could pet it (which always gets them to stop haha) and we
talked with him for a while. Although he wasn't interested, he asked
for our card so that he could contact us if anyone he knew ever needed
help with anything, so we willingly obliged! The spirit then guided us
even further down the street and prompted us to knock on a random
door. We knocked on the door, a very kind man came out to greet us, he
told us he was busy right then but that he really wanted us to come
back. Sensing our doubt he said, "no seriously, I used to live up in
the heights and I would have the missionaries over and feed them all
the time. Come back Monday or Tuesday at any time." Haha that
convinced us. What a fun miracle that was!

That evening we were blessed to find a less-active member outside
cleaning out her car, so we went and offered our help, convinced her
to let us help, and then spent the next hour chatting with her and her
daughter while we helped clean out their suburban. It was such a
miracle, considering we hadn't been able to find them home in the
past. It was also a blast, even though the little girl kept walking
over the seats with her dirty shoes haha. We don't know how rapid the
progress will be with them, but we know that is where the spirit
wanted us to be that night.

Friday morning we were privileged to spend most of the morning giving
a couple blessings in two different hospitals. One of the most amazing
was being able to give a blessing to a little one year old that had a
cist (however you spell that haha) on her arm that needed to be
drained, she was also diabetic. It was so much fun to watch her
parents taking care of her and her twin and the love and patience they
had. I love witnessing love:)

Afterward we stopped at great harvest, got some AMAZING bread and a
free loaf of bread because members who own stores are the kindest
people on earth. We then stopped at the mission home to grab some
supplies and had a great time chatting with Sister Baird and Sister
Kasper, the greatest office staff EVER. And then we went down to Elder
Baird's office, the greatest vehicle coordinator of ALL TIME, and
laughed with him for a while. (The Baird's and the Kasper's are senior
couples in the office and they are hilarious, just in case I haven't
mentioned that before) And if this doesn't already sound like the best
day ever, that night we had dinner with the ward mission leader (the
Cappelli's), his lovely wife, 5 daughters and 1 baby boy AND THEN we
got to go out contacting people in THE RAIN! It was awesome. We
splashed each other the whole time and had some amazing lessons with
an active member family, and a recent convert. I DOING MISSIONARY WORK
IN THE RAIN! Not to mention I got to meet the most beautiful husky in
the entire world on the way home. Her name was Akiera. Anyways, great

Saturday was pretty darn cool too! We woke up early in the morning to
go help direct traffic for a local run called, "the heart and soul
run." the morning was beautiful and the people were awesome! It kinda
made me miss my half marathon's, but the mission is still better than
any marathon ever. Anyways, we had a little more planning and
"babysitting" (resolving silly little issues in the zone and
re-explanation of all the rules) that day and then we got to go to a
ward Father's Day Barbecue. At the barbecue there was a large group of
men taking about a 50K run one of them had just done and I missed
running again! What is this, who even misses running?? After the
dinner we tried to do some street contacting and tracting but found no
new potential investigators, so we then went and had an incredibly
insightful correlation meeting with Brother Cappelli. After the
meeting we still had to walk home and walked out onto the street to
find a woman walking her ADORABLE puppy beagle. We asked if we could
pet it and she said yes! We chatted for a little bit and then bluntly
asked, "have you ever talked with missionaries before?" She replied in
the affirmative and so we asked if we could come share another message
with her and she replied simply, "yes!" Batta-boom-batta-bang, God is

I was sick for a large portion of the day Sunday but were still able
to get out a little before dinner. Dinner was awesome, ESPECIALLY when
I found out that the members daughter is currently studying landscape
architecture at USU, which is what I'm going to do!! Needless to say,
I got pretty excited and asked a million questions. That night we had
an amazing lesson with Sister Beadling, totally down a different path
than planned, but the spirit was so strong and that is what matters

And last, and not least at all, happy Father's Day to my amazing
father! I love you Dad.

Elder Thomas

Street Contacting :)
Trying to get a nice picture for Facebook...
Directing traffic
Found a random mask in our truck... so pictures
Off to din-din

Monday, June 12, 2017

Everything Happens For a Reason

Dear Familita and Friendlies,

WARNING: LONG email. Sorry, too many miracles happened this week to leave them out!

Monday was AWESOME because we went to the gym and played sports with everyone for the first time in a very long time. It was sick.

Later that evening after preparation day, we contacted our investigator named Aaron. Aaron is a very interesting man. He served in the military and he LOVES to tell stories, but it gets in the way of him staying on task. When we visited on Monday, he expressed to us that he purposefully tries to distract us because he enjoys talking to us, but not about the gospel. We had to be very bold with him and bare our testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel and the sacredness of our message. He didn't seem much changed by the meeting, but we will stop by tonight, and we are praying to see miracles.

Tuesday was AWESOME. On Tuesday we had Mission Leadership Council, one of my favorite meetings in the world. To get there on time we woke up at 3:00, were out of the apartment by 4:00 and at the mission home by 4:30, with a short detour to walmart because I owe Elder Christensen money and needed some cash haha. We then got to hop on the "space shuttle," the big mission van bus thingy and ride to Helena. This was much better than it was in Kalispell, because in Kalispell I had to drive, and that was miserable. Sleep on the way there felt impossible because it is not the most comfortable situation for that kind of thing, so I just sat there with my eyes closed. Eventually everyone woke up though and we all discussed super heroes and other geeky things the whole way there. It was SWEET. Elder Hoschouer, one of the assistants to the president is very knowledgeable about the subject of super heroes and enlightened us all! We were also each assigned a super hero, and apparently I am Robin... flattering. Too bad I don't wear short-shorts!

MLC was excellent! The focus of this transfer is on effective study and using time wisely, chapter 2 and 8 in Preach My Gospel. Both things that I could really use in my life! When Elder Dyches was here, he taught us that if we can get the principles in chapter 8 down, we would be successful for the rest of our lives! So, if you wanna be successful, study chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel! Got to see Elder Angle, Elder Tippetts, and Elder Bozue this week, some of my favorite people in the world! Also got a picture with a bunch of Zone Leaders that came out in our transfer group. They are just the coolest.

The way home was pretty fun as well, full of unbelievable stories from Elder Hoschouer (he likes to talk, we like to listen) and silly little mind games that everyone else seemed to pick up right away, but I COULDN'T FIGURE THEM OUT!!! Drove me absolutely insane haha. Then Elder Chamberlain and I tried a mind reading trick which absolutely failed and that was humiliating... anyways it was stressful, but hilarious and very fun.

Wednesday was kicked off with a very powerful district meeting from our amazing district leader, Elder Lankford. I sure appreciate the inspiration that these Elders receive. After district meeting we had the opportunity to interview for baptism two of the most intelligent kids I've ever run into in my life, though they were a little crazy. They could explain all the gospel principles required for baptism perfectly, including the law of chastity. Usually kids don't understand that as well, but these two do. It was super fun.

Later that day we stopped by the mission home for some supplies, which is always a blast! Nobody gives you a harder time than those senior couples:) We then got to help Elder Baird deliver some cars to the dealership, which is now the third time I have driven in a vehicle by myself on my mission, and is always a strange experience. But once again, I sang as loud as I could the whole way because no one was judging me, except when we hit a stop light and a lady pulled up next to me. I tried to act like a normal human being then...

Later that night as we were out tracting and street contacting, we saw a younger man and an elderly woman working on a truck engine in the front yard; we asked if we could be of any assistance and were quickly reminded that we know nothing about cars as they tried to explain the situation. The man's name was Sean, and unfortunately we have forgotten the name of his mother. Sean is probably in his early to mid 40's and is a very good example of one who has been sufficiently humbled. He was very kind and generous, with no shortage of kind things to say about Mormons! We heard him say many times, "I wish I had what you guys have," which we always answered with a, "you can!!" His mother was also very prepared and promised us that as soon as their schedule cleared up, they would have us over to share a lesson, and this was before we could even ask if we could haha! Sean asked us to stop by any time we were in the area and they both expressed that we were always welcome in their home!

Thursday was another lovely day of weekly planning. The planning was great, but even better was when we had the random prompting that someone we needed to talk to was on the church grounds right then! We immediately went to the window and opened it to see if anyone was outside. Upon finding a man pulling weeds in the flower beds, we rushed out to talk to him. He was very kind and we spent a little while talking with him. We then invited him to come to church with us, which he declined but expressed that someday he might and that he had honestly been considering it! We felt strongly that we should not push him, which is kind of against our nature, but we are confident that we said what was needed to be said. It was SO cool:)

That night as we were out contacting, we got a flat tire. My first reaction was one of disappointment because I felt like we weren't going to be able to do all the finding we needed to do. However the spirit quickly reproved me and reminded me that "everything happens for a reason." So in faith, we went about changing the tire quickly as possible. A few minutes into it, a very kind Hispanic man named Daniel pulls up and says, "Do you guys need help changing your tire?" BAM. Miracles. We accepted and he came and helped us out! He was very helpful, and very talkative, getting our opinion on all sorts of subjects, from politics to raising children haha. Daniel is very family minded and loves the church's focus on family. He liked us so much that he bought us lemonade at the gas station down the street and kept telling us how excited he was to have us over for s'mores and to meet his family.

Tire miracle number two happened the next evening as we were securing the flat tire underneath the truck just in case someone felt like stealing it out of the bed of our truck. An elderly lady that lives in the same apartment complex as us was coming out to listen to a CD in her car because she doesn't have a CD player. We reached out to her and she stopped and talked to us for a little while. She told us she was going to listen to a Christian song called, "Look for me in Rainbows" because she loves rainbows and we told her we had a wonderful song about rainbows called, "When I am Baptized." we then launched into religion and she told us her whole background. She was excited to hear about not baptizing infants, but rather waiting until they were 8, the age of accountability, and baptizing them when it was there choice because she couldn't remember her baptism and felt that was wrong. She was also excited to hear that the sacrament was bread and water, not wine. It was a delightful conversation and we can't wait to keep meeting with her.

Saturday was crazy, but because I don't have much time I will just mention a few things. We had the opportunity on Saturday to join the March Against Drugs and Violence. A nonmember invites the missionaries every year to join this march around Billings downtown and the missionaries have generally supported him in it. It is a wonderful rally and the people there are all so kind and good. At one point as I stood amongst some missionaries, I could see three different missionary teaching opportunities happening at once. Opportunities like this are gold. But I do need to add, cities TERRIFY me now! I have been in country settings for almost two years, and the tall buildings and multitude of people were all making me very uncomfortable. Coming home to Utah will be interesting, I think I will stay in the mountains for a couple months.

The young boys we interviewed were baptized later that evening. I love the spirit at baptisms. The highlight of that event was definitely reaching out for a handshake and getting two hugs instead, it just melts your heart haha. Their mom quickly corrected them, but children are just so Christlike!

Sunday was awesome! Church was great and all, but the highlight of the evening was contacting an investigator of ours and getting to know her. Sister Beadling's husband was a member but he just recently passed away. Ever since then, the church has been watching over her and taking care of her in any way possible. This woman's spirit is very special and she has already taught us so much about being meek! Last night we had an awesome conversation about families and success. We read a little from Gordon B Hinckley's teachings about families and it just made me so grateful for the church and what is taught about families, marriage and eternity! It is ALL true! That night we watched the Face to Face with David Archuleta, had hot Kool-aid (Julian Smith reference) and had big bowls of popcorn. Ending the week with a BANG.

Quick spiritual/kinda funny thought:
There is a typical joke I've been hearing since I was a young boy about an American man in a boat who is sinking off the coast of Germany. In a panic, he radio's in to the coast and exclaims, "I AM SINKING, I AM SINKING!" Not knowing what to expect he hears static on the other end and then the reply, "Vhat are you sinking about??" Haha.
In missionary work however, thinking and sinking may be considered synonymous in some occasions. As you walk down the street and someone approaches from the other way, you need to make sure you don't over think the situation! Just trust the Lord and open your mouth. He will fill it.

I love you all!

Elder Thomas

Saying bye to Lori...
And the Creer's...
And the Westover's...
And the Boyce's...
Oh, and Eric haha
Saying goodbye to Elder Christensen 😭
New companion, Elder Chamberlain
Amanda got baptized!
Driving cuz missunury wurk
Elder Bozue at MLC
Everyone at MLC
My transfer group at MLC
Have you called your Father in Heaven today?
Flat tire
Beautiful Montana
Kool-aid, popcorn, and Archuleta!

Monday, June 5, 2017


Dear Humans,

I arrived in Billings safely this week! Leaving Kalispell was pretty
hard, but I am SO EXCITED to be here in Billings, I know this is where
I need to be for the last few months of my mission.

On Monday we did nothing all day, we mostly just relaxed and wrote
emails until it came time for us to go to my final cookie night. I
love the Boyce's and all they have done for me, so this last cookie
night with them was a rough one! There was a lot of laughing, good
food and other shenanigans throughout the whole evening.

The next morning I hurried and finished my packing and we walked
around to do some contacting and also say bye to a few people. I said
my final goodbyes to Lori (The "Cookie Grandma") which was pretty hard
because she is one of my favorite people in the whole world! I also
said by to the Creer's. The Creer's are a wonderful family that I have
grown very close to over my time in Kalispell. Brother and Sister
Creer moved from Arizona recently and they are still adapting to the
strange and mystical phenomenon that is Montana. They fed us an
AMAZING bagel lunch and then took us with them to pick the kids up
from school. I got to read a picture book with their toddler Gracie
and I got to say goodbye to the others that we picked up at school. I
am going to miss that family a lot.

Dinner Tuesday night was with the Westover's. I love Bishop Westover,
he was incredibly helpful during the time I spent in Kalispell and it
was so good to say goodbye to their amazing family.

After dinner, Bishop drove us to the church so we could have institute
and meet with Allie and Autumn beforehand. It was an amazing last
lesson with Autumn and I am confident she is strong enough to keep
pursuing baptism! She asked about some of the common questions we get,
including the temple garment and the homosexual issue. The spirit was
so strong and testified to each of us that what was discussed was
true. I am so grateful for the spirit and the load it takes off of us
when we teach!

Afterward, good ol' Grant from the YSA gave us a ride to the Denna's
house. Grant is a total geek and I am going to miss arguing with him
about the most inconsequential things! Haha. Barb forgot about the
lesson so we chatted with her parents for a little while until Paxton
Boyce picked us up and took us by the house for a quick picture and
the last goodbye. That was so hard. I can't really express how much
they have done for me, but they have a very special place in my heart.

Pax then drove us home and we went and harassed Erk (Eric Gardner)
until it was closer to time for bed... and then we went to bed
promptly at 10:30... Jk we actually talked till 4:30 in the morning,
which was not wise, but hey, It was our last night as companions!
Don't judge. Imma miss Elder Christensen a ton, more than he'll miss
me I'm sure haha. He did a lot for me, to help me grow and become
better and he is a very faithful friend. Not to mention how
hilariously weird he is!

The next morning Erik woke us up at 6:00 AM!! Haha he was all laying on
the horn and yelling at us... a whole 1 1/2 hours of sleep... I was
TIRED. I told him to get out of here and started trying to get ready.
We hit a ton of traffic because of construction which made us late but
oh well! In total that day I drove for 9 hours on only 1 1/2 hours of
sleep. It was rough. Eventually I had to pull over for a few minutes
and take a nap in an attempt to keep us alive. We made it though!

That night we had no dinner so I got a good nap in instead of eating,
which was exactly what I needed. After dinner we went and met the
mission leader, did some tracting and added the ward on Facebook!

Thursday morning was the greatest because we got to provide service at
the temple, planting flowers! It was sick, because I LOVE the temple
and I LOVE flowers. We spent most of the morning there, then we got
lunch, did our studies and had an early dinner. After dinner I got to
meet Bishop Hall! Bishop Hall is awesome and I am so excited
to be serving in his ward. We talked about all the things we could do
to make this transfer great and all just got really excited. After we
met with him, we went and met with the Wilsons, Brother Wilson is the
assistant ward mission leader. This man is hilarious and his kids are
SUPER adorable. Then we hit the streets. We knocked doors, talked to
people, street contacted and even found a new potential investigator!
This area hasn't had a baptism in over a year and I have never been
filled with so much fire to do missionary work!

I am running out of time so I will try to make this fast. Friday was
awesome and we had a great lunch with the stake president, president
Zaugg and we weekly planned and it was all pretty great. That night we
had dinner with the Cappelli's, which was SUPER good. We love the
Cappelli's! He is the ward mission leader so we will get to see him a
bunch. They are so educated in the gospel and life in general and it
is incredibly fun to just sit and have intelligent conversation with
them! They also have five adorable little girls and one baby boy which
makes life a little interesting haha.

That night we visited with the Tuletts, who I happened to meet before
a year from this last February because I was staying with the Zone
Leaders for a few weeks and they visited them, so that was kinda

After that we got out and did some more walking and talking. Gotta
find those elect souls!

Saturday morning we had a training with our District Leaders in the
stake office waiting room. After the meeting we all stepped into the
hallway to get a drink, but when we tried to get back into the room,
the door was locked, and our stuff was in there. We spent the next few
hours making calls and borrowing keys to try and get into the darn
offices... oh our lives are just crazy haha. Eventually the stake
president was able to loan us a key and we finally got our stuff out.
It was rough.

Let's see, that night we had dinner with the Gray's, Elder Chamberlain
ran over a kids bike as we left dinner (no kid was on it. Don't worry)
and we had to run tell them about it while the girl cried, we went out
and did some more finding and praying and some lady said she wouldn't
even pray for us. Rude haha. We finished the night up with an awesome
correlation meeting with Brother Cappelli and went home totally

The next day was Sunday! I was SO happy to finally meet the ward! I
love the people in this ward already and I can't wait to serve them
the rest of this transfer. Cool connection in the ward; the former
temple president, president Jorden, happens to be the father of Emily
Jorden Barry who married my awesome cousin David Barry. So now he has
claimed me as his nephew, which I am totally fine with because he is
the coolest!

That night we had dinner with the Huffakers and the bishops family,
the Halls. The food was amazing and the company was even better! We
had a super spiritual thought on missionary work and talked about
praying with a promise. The idea that when you pray, you promise
Heavenly Father something in return, and then watch the miracles flow
as you act! The spirit was super strong.

After that we drove down to Pryor to have a big group restoration
lesson with 6 non-members and 6 members. It was SWEET. Probably the
most powerful Restoration lesson I have taught to this point! I love
teaching with Elder Chamberlain, he is an amazing teacher.
Unfortunately none of the nonmembers are in our area, but we committed
ALL of them to be baptized haha! They are all very choice and will
pursue baptism, even if it isn't with us.

Ok, long boring email. Sorry about that, but I love you all!

Elder Thomas

PS Amanda was baptized this Saturday! It broke my heart not to be
there for it, but I am SO PROUD of her for making the rapid progress
she did. She is truly elect.