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Monday, December 19, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

The last few days in Corvallis were rough. I have been serving there
for almost 8 months and it just felt like home. Every picture I sent
last week is of a family or investigator that has played a significant
role in my life. One of the hardest goodbyes was with Austin,
Mitchell, and the Chapman's. We had a testimony meeting where each of
us bore our testimony, there were a lot of tears. I started crying
pretty hard during my testimony and Mitchell stood up and gave me a
big hug. It is hard not to be at his baptism but the Lord needs me in

The first few days as a Zone Leader have been... interesting. Day 1 we
had to drive from Corvallis to Helena where I met my new companion
Elder Fleming. After that we spent another 4 hours driving back. In
total, I was in the truck for 8 hours. The next day we had to go back
to Helena to get the new missionaries. The roads were icy and we were
driving in a blizzard. I drove at first and it was very stressful. It
took about five hours to get to Helena. We picked up the missionaries
and started the long drive back to Corvallis. As we approached a town
named Ronan we saw an ambulance coming our way so everyone started
slowing down and pulling over. I put my foot on the break... but the
truck didn't stop, it didn't even slow down. I did my best to pull off
the side of the road but we ended up sliding along the passenger side
of the bumper in front of us. I was pretty frustrated. However, the
damage wasn't bad at all. This delayed us for another hour, totaling
in 12 hours on the road. We were so happy to be home. That night we
got a call that almost made us cry, we were to stay inside for the
next two days unless we had set appointments. Blech. At home this
would've been awesome, however, on a mission, there's not much to do
besides study... and you can only do that for so long before your
brain goes numb.

It was absolutely terrible to be inside for TWO DAYS! The first day we
were with some other missionaries at our apartment most the day.
After we went and talked with the Gardners. I love the Gardners, when
you are a missionary, they just adopt you into the family.
Their son Eric is such a crazy young man and we have tons of fun with
him. Random snow fights are expected here. We spent the rest of the
evening playing games with them in the basement.

The next day, we were able to provide service around the Gardners
home, watch Finding Faith in Christ and Mr. Krueger's Christmas. It
was bitterly cold. -22 without windchill, about -30 with windchill. We
still had a lot of fun though.

I have loved getting to know the members; they are SO KIND. I am very
excited to work with them. Elder Fleming is such a fun companion! He
is HUGE. When he finishes his mission he is going to go play football
for BYU.

It was an amazing week! Will tell you all more next week. Hopefully,
sorry this was boring, it was a weird week!

Elder Thomas

Saying bye to Elder Porter and Elder Rich. Imma miss them so much, 
they are both very dear to me.
Awkward... haha Elder Leach and Elder Mcelvany
Whoops ;)
Kinda how we felt after a long day of driving
Last night with the Latu's (almost cried saying bye to these ones, they were 
less-active when I first got here. I will miss them a ton.)
The last of the Reynosos. Little Bristol was crying, it broke my heart.
Last dinner with the Weidows
The Chapman's, Austin and Mitchell
Brother McKay, our ward mission leader
Amy and Cory Weidow
The Thomas'
The Jackson's (I love this family. They have grown very close to my heart. We were 
going to spend Christmas Eve with them so it was kind of hard to leave.)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Thought I only had to do this once

Dear Family and Friends,

I have been transferred to Kalispell to be a Zone Leader. It feels
like I'm leaving home all over again :'( I've been here for 7 1/2
months and i'm going to have to miss Jacey's, Kennedy's, Mitchell's,
Maeci's, Fred and Cara's, and Ike and Mauriana's baptisms!! Geeze
Louise :P

No time to write, Elder Dabel had a doctors appointment and I'm
packing and saying goodbyes! It was a very very good week.

Off to the land of ice and cold! Love you all!

Elder Thomas

The District :)
Goodbye pics (names left to right)
Daphne and Sister Reynoso (I LOVE THE REYNOSOS), 
Kennedy Gold, Me, Elder Dabel, Dawson Reynoso
The Chavez Family: Brother Chavez, Jackson, Sister Chavez, 
Atticus, Ceara, Sam, Me, Elder Dabel
The Vai tribe: Me, Jeremy, Olivia, Alexis, Sister Vai, Brother Vai, and Elder Dabel
Joel and Marilyn Jessop and kids
Cara and Fred Jessop, Will and Kara
Dawson, Bishop Criddle, and Lauren Criddle
Ellie, Jen Jessop, Bill Jessop, Reese, Brooke, and yours truly

Monday, December 5, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

What a fantastic week it has been! Light the World is a part of the
reason we have been having so much fun with this advent calender!
Every day has some sort of good idea, and it helps missionary work out
a ton.

Because of the limited time, I will just touch on the highlights from
this week. The first being, that we finally got to stop in with the
Pickett family! I love this family, they are so good and so kind. We
didn't have long so we shared the Light the World video with them and
challenged them to participate. They were very excited participate,
and they loved the video!

Afterward we got to go share a lesson with Maeci and Rich Thomas as
well! Maeci is progressing so well and the family is so kind to us.
They have already reserved us for breakfast Christmas morning. We
spent a lot of time discussing the atonement and it's importance. She
is grasping this concept more and more and it is so much fun to see
because she is getting excited about it! A testimony of the atonement

The next day was the WORLDWIDE DAY OF SERVICE!!! Y'all better have
done some serious service. Our service was simply to drive around
until we found a yard that needed some raking. It was so much to
provide some spontaneous service. The coolest thing that happened
during all this was when we saw that one of our investigators houses
needed some raking! Her name is Judy and she has really been
struggling with house repairs and she gets more and more grateful
every time we offer service. When we raked her yard she wasn't home,
but we left a Light the World card on her door. She called us later to
let us know she was extremely grateful and it had made her cry. There
are so many people that desperately need help from others in this
world. We need to find them and lift them. Lighting the World is

The other highlight from this week was getting to share a lesson with
Joel and Marilyn again. Those kids are CRAZY. Especially little
Olivia. That little girl ran into so many things while we were there,
I was shocked she was still standing. The bond you develop with a
family when you got to play a role in there conversion is SO DEEP. I
feel so much love for that family every time I go over there. It is
truly incredible.


Elder Thomas

The Blodgett Overlook hike in the snow
Me and Elder Porter, my longest Zone Leader
Me and Elder Dabel!
More Blodgett
This is my "I love the Bitterroot" picture of the week 
(shoutout to Emma :)
Elder Ross!
Almost like MTC days :) Elder AM milled and Mcelvany
Elder Tippetts!
Y'all probably get so sick of my pictures haha.
I don't know either
#LighttheWorld Worldwide day of service!
#LighttheWorld honoring your parents!
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