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Monday, July 3, 2017

Short and Sweet


Super quick, slightly boring update this week!

On Preparation day this week we played a bunch of miscellaneous games,
my favorite being poison stump, which is when all the missionaries
present (there were only elders) grip each others forearms in a circle
around an empty trash can and then try to pull someone in the group
into the trash can. When you get pulled into the trash can you're out,
and eventually it gets down to two people and it's intense.

The highlight of Tuesday was our first lesson with our investigator
Kathy! Kathy is super solid. She had asked us the week before if she
could feed us dinner and of course we said yes, so after our  first
dinner, we ran to second dinner with Kathy, 'cause we're hobbits. We
ate outside in their front yard with her and her less-active daughter.
Before dinner or the lesson started at all, her daughter made her
promise that they would both go to church a week from this Sunday
(because Kathy had work). Her daughter had to leave early but we were
able to give a simple restoration lesson. There is NOTHING in my life
that can compare to the feeling of God filling my mouth as we teach
these amazing souls. I love it. Kathy even committed to be baptized!

Wednesday morning was interesting. That morning we woke up on time and
went running for exercise. As we finished our run with a sprint, I
tripped on a rock and flew/rolled/slid for a few feet. It was a pretty
impressive tumble haha. I was pretty scraped up all over my body, but
nothing was too deep. Luckily I lost a little skin, AND a little
pride, so there is a plus side to all this! Did some finding that
night and then had to run off to a stake missionary meeting. I love
when the stake gets involved with missionary work, if they respect
President Wadsworth opinion and revelation that is, and this stake

Thursday morning we woke up and headed over to Kathy's place to help
her move some stuff because she is donating a lot of the stuff she
doesn't need before she moves. After lunch we helped another nonmember
family move, and this one was a little harder haha. They had a super
heavy couch and two large toucan cages. The whole time I was just
praying that the Lord would strengthen me as He did Samson haha. He
totally did and thank goodness because those cages must've weighed 5
tons. No exaggeration. The cool thing is that after we finished
helping them, we called the Zone Leaders in the area and told them
when they'd be at their new place and where. Sure enough, when they
got to their new home, the missionaries were there waiting. I LOVE how
organized the church is.

On Saturday we had an incredible lesson with the Anthony family. The
spirit was POWERFUL. We started by reciting the first vision even
though they had heard it before. We talked about so many things and
the spirit was just filling our mouths left and right. We committed
them to come to church and they didn't come. It was killer.

Sunday night we taught the Plan of Salvation to Kathy at the
Cappelli's home! Kathy is absolutely golden. She loves the Plan of
Salvation and she soaked everything up. She even asks questions!
Nobody asks questions during lessons! The Cappelli's testimonies were
beautiful as well and added such a personal perspective to everything.
Most of all, they loved her and she felt their love.

This week I learned a lot about God's promise to us that he will "not
leave us comfortless." (John 14:18) Though last week was hard and
pressing, this week was amazing and we were so joyful the whole time.
I want to have more faith in my Heavenly Father and trust him even
more. He is always seeking to help us.

Love you all!

Elder Thomas

Service at Kathy's
I don't even know...
We didn't take a ton of pictures this week...

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