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Monday, August 7, 2017

Receiving Miracles in Bulk

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was SO amazing!

I'll jump right into it. On Monday we went to Pryor to do some
service, which was cancelled without telling us haha. So we spent the
evening contacting potentials and street contacting until we had to
drive back to Billings to switch for exchanges.

Exchanges were super fun! I was with Elder Epperson in Pioneer Park
and we had a blast, it was a busy though. The highlights were getting
in contact with some awesome people who were doing some work across
the street from their apartment and setting up an appointment with
them, talking with some super drunk homeless people, and finding some
super awesome new investigators. It was sweet.

Wednesday was Zone Conference, and it was inspiring and motivational.
We've now got what is called Tiwi... which is a little computer that
monitors our driving. It talks to us when we do something wrong, so we
named it mom (sorry mom haha). It is actually pretty cool and is
making me a better driver. The only way to describe the teaching that
took place that day is that I left that place shaking with the spirit.

When we planned for finding that night, we felt a prompting to tract
near the park. While we were tracting near the park, we got a call
from the bishop and assistant ward mission leader who were apparently
there with our investigator Patrick and their question was, "what is
keeping Patrick from getting baptized?" We thought about it for a
second and realized, "nothing! He has had all the lessons, the church
attendance... Only his personal revelation that he is ready." Then we
hear Patrick on the phone, "Well I'm ready now, I want this." It was
AWESOME. So we sat down in the grass and had a lesson over the phone
and set a baptismal date... for that Saturday! Haha.

On Thursday we did weekly planning. In the evening, we did a short
exchange with the Red Lodge elders because they needed to interview
Patrick. So Elder Emms and Muhlestein went to the interview and Elder
Hockersmith and I went finding. We found a new family and a new
investigator!! It was sweet. The spirit guided our every footstep and
we saw miracles.

Friday night we went and drew an interactive Gospel of Jesus Christ on
one of the pathways to the park and found 1 new potential investigator
and a family to teach!! It was really cool, and super fun. We made a
video and took some pictures that I will share.

On Saturday, PATRICK WAS BAPTIZED!!!! It was SO COOL. On Friday night
the entire ward had gone down to the Jorden's ranch (My cousin, Emilee
Barry's parents) to have a ward camp out. We went up in the morning to
share breakfast with them and get to know the ward a little better.
Patrick was there and right after lunch, He was baptized in the Jorden
River!!!! Haha well that's what we're calling it, it was really the
Pryor river. It was so special. The spirit was so strong! It reminded
me of the baptisms you read about in the Book of Mormon, on the banks
of a river in the america's. The confirmation the following day was
powerful, one of the most spiritual confirmations I have experienced.
Patrick truly understands the need for Baptism and the Gift of the
Holy Ghost. He wants it and recognizes that he needs it. Sister
Beadling AND the Morrisons also came to church!

After church we went to the Morrisons house and had a lesson with
Sister Gray. The Morrisons daughter, Sariah, has now set a date to be
baptized in September!

This week has been amazing. I love these people and their remarkable
faith. I'm never leaving.

Elder Thomas

Found a Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 for sale... Best day ever :)
Service at a food bank with Elder Epperson!
El Zono
Found Elder Peterson!!
Haha my family is full of dare devils! 
When you find Montana missionaries on a Uhaul haha

Patrick's Baptism!
Kids chasing a drone at Campout :) 
The Baptism of a convert! 

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